SaleHoo Review – A Top Drop Shipping System

inding products to sell is a tedious process, and most people fail to make money out of that. However, Amazon, eBay and other online retailers are literally skyrocketing. The e-commerce market is growing like crazy, so it’s never been a better time to start your own eCommerce business than now.

Out of the huge $140 billion online market, over 25% of online retailers are already using drop shipping. With a good drop shipping system in place, you can reserve your own piece of this huge pie and grow your retail business on Amazon, eBay, Alibaba or any other retailer. The good news is that you now can use SaleHoo for the whole process and save both time and money.

SaleHoo Reviews

What Actually is SaleHoo?

SaleHoo, a New Zealand-based company that was founded back in 2005, is a huge wholesale platform that connects sellers like you with tens of thousands of drop-shippers, manufacturers, wholesellers and liquidators. On this platform, you can conduct researches in order to find the best supplier for your products.

By using the available features and tools of SaleHoo, you can also discover the best products to sell and gain precious information about the markets you should target, the marketing strategy to use and the affiliate partners to have. The platform is very easy to navigate and has a clean and intuitive design, enabling you to find all the information you need extremely fast.

So How Does SaleHoo Work?

As I said before, SaleHoo is a very easy to navigate platform that offers all the information you need in order to find product suppliers, discover hot products to sell and grow your online retail business like never before. The whole system is based on 5 essential steps to success.

1. Decide on what to sell

The first step towards success with SaleHoo is choosing a red-hot product that sells. A good product with a healthy profit margin of over 75% is the cornerstone of your online business success. Once inside the program, you will get to understand how to choose the best products for you to sell depending on the preferences, niche, country and many other factors.

2. Find trusted suppliers

After you have discovered what types of products to choose, it is time to choose the most trustworthy suppliers. In addition to the huge database of suppliers and manufacturers, on SaleHoo you will also learn how to connect with potential supply partners and how to get the best profit margin.

3. Decide on the market

The third pillar of being successful with SaleHoo choosing the right marketplace for you. While Amazon and eBay are still the most popular choices, you can find many other local or regional platforms that could prove to be a goldmine for your needs.

4. Sharpen your sales techniques

Next on, you will learn from the pros how to become better at what you do and how to convince potential buyers to choose you over your competition.

5. Tips on advertising your products

Ultimately, on the SaleHoo platform you will be taught how to make the right decisions in terms of advertising your products, getting reviews, offering discounts, and many others.

Of course, SaleHoo also presents you the whole drop shipping process and gives you precious insights on how to maximize your profit.


Can I Make Money With SaleHoo?

You definitely can! In fact, some users have managed to have a profit of over $50k a year using this system. While SaleHoo does not guarantee that you will make a profit, they do have a strong reputation at helping people succeed in the complex drop shipping business.

SaleHoo is the leading wholesaler/drop shipping platform in the North America and Europe, being used by tens of thousands of sellers. Most of the suppliers you will find on the platform are located in the US, UK, Canada, China and Australia. You should definitely use it if you reside in the US or Europe.

How Much Does SaleHoo Cost?

Compared with WorldWide Brands, Doba or other competitors, SaleHoo offers a much more affordable price. The access to this directory costs only $67 a year. Expect to pay an extra $27 for the online store builder tool and around $250 for the advanced online selling tactics.

As a rule of thumb, you can start having a profit in around 3 months, so you can recoup your investment in less than six months. After the first year, you can start having a profit of around $1,000 a month or more.


VSaleHoo Pros:

– This is a trusted platform with tens of thousands of users and millions of whole sellers, suppliers and manufacturers. Every single supplier is certified by a third-party organization, so any counterfeit is eliminating.

– You can start making $1,000 a month in profits after just one year. If you work hard and make the right choices, you can get to make up to $7,000 each month.

– You can start selling immediately

– Professional advice from experts in the industry

– Reduced cost compared to the alternatives

– The online store builder is an excellent tool for setting up your site

– You get a full 60-days money back guarantee that protects your investment

– Ramping up your business has never been easier

SaleHoo Cons:

– Some of the products you can find are cheaper on other directories

– You can actually find suppliers without having to pay for this service


There is no doubt that SaleHoo is a true game changer in the drop shipping industry. This platform comes as a great solution to the over saturated Chinese market and counterfeit suppliers and manufacturers. Of course, if you have a lot of time at your disposal and you know where to look, it is cheaper to find legit suppliers on your own. Still, SaleHoo is a great all-in-one solution for your eCommerce needs.

If you want a drop shipping business that flourishes and you need constant help by your side, then SaleHoo is your best partner for a successful venture.

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